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About Yavar !

"A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions"

Enriching Enterprises WithTech.

Transforming for the better is innate in us. Since the time Yavar came into existence, we set out with an unprecedented focus to make the technologies accessible to everyone. No matter the scale of your enterprise, we will find solutions to create better ways to go about your work. Like we did for our clients - airports, industrial parks, food processing businesses, and many more.

Yavar took inspiration from the Tamil phrase "யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர் (Yaadhum oore Yaavarum kelir)" for its name and philosophy. These four words bring a sense of belongingness and it defines us.

Standing the Test of Time

We are not aiming for now, or a few months from now. We have always looked forward, to years from now. And in the process, we have continuously learned and evolved to enhance our expertise and create services that add real value to your business objectives. We take pride in doing so.

Values That Define Us


Passion for helping our clients succeed with our ideas and solutions ranks high on our priority list. Our success lies in your success.

Employees Drive Us

We are nothing without our skilled employees that keep the lights on at Yavar. They are at the core of coming up with incredible ideas. We are grateful to them.


Sincerity and honesty in the work we do mean everything at Yavar. Being true to ourselves helps us deliver wholeheartedly.


Co-creation and co-innovation lie deep in our beliefs. We thrive on ideas. And great ideas happen when there is collaboration - among the team and with clients.

Trust, Transparency, and Flexibility

A team that functions at the highest level cannot exist without these three traits.

Brands That Teamed up With Yavar