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Products Meticulously Crafted to Make a Real Difference

Accumulating the experience of executing countless projects in diverse domains helped us come up with our solutions.

Where large documents transforms, and simplicity emerges.

Streamlines document handling, condensing lengthy content into concise summaries. Perfect for professionals and students, it ensures quick comprehension, time efficiency, and most importantly, data privacy.

Effortless Summarization: Zypher simplifies complex documents, extracting key insights effortlessly.

Time-Saving Efficiency: Save valuable time with Zypher's rapid document processing, leaving you more time for critical tasks.

Personalized Precision: Tailor your reading experience with Zypher, delivering concise summaries crafted to your specific needs.

A connection that never lets you down

With ChiefNET, elevate your enterprise network for new-found speed and reliability. The cloud-native SD-WAN is highly flexible and scalable to match your requirements. Hence, all your systems can seamlessly connect to it.

Platform independent

Low latency and consistent bandwidth

Easy installation

Future of multi-channel customer support

Give your customers the attention and care they deserve when they reach out to you with Copper - a powerful, snappy, and ingenious customer support tool. Your support reps will love it for all the convenience that they will enjoy.

Omni-channel connect

Interactive voice response

Analytics and insights driven