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Enterprise Networks

Netcon Upgraded to the Next-Gen Enterprise Networks With Yavar

Project Brief

Netcon Technologies, based in Coimbatore, is quickly growing to become a formidable player when it comes to tech services and solutions. They have completed challenging and arduous projects in some of the most prestigious places in India on network deployment, surveillance systems, smart cities, and more. They have built their presence in foreign countries as well - Dubai, Uganda, and Singapore.

Why Were They Unhappy With Their Already Installed Enterprise Network?

The traditional internet connection and the archaic network technology for all their systems were just not good enough to keep up with the ever-increasing workloads and security requirements.

Leased Line

Although dedicated to a single user, the leased line does not provide backup when the connection breaks due to any reason. It disrupts all the systems and workflow that rely on a fast, stable internet connection. It is not scalable either. Setting up new devices on the network is a tedious task. And Netcon faced these problems with their leased line connection.

Security and Monitoring

There is always the fear of breaches and network compromises with yesteryear’s technologies. And the leased line does not guarantee incredible security and connection backup. Anyone smart enough can break into the network. Netcon could not control and monitor its network the way it wanted to.


There is no way to regulate a leased line. The bandwidth can fluctuate, and the reliability of the connection suffers because of it. Hence, they decided to upgrade it with an advanced solution. Here is when Yavar came in with ChiefNet.

How ChiefNet solved Netcon’s problems

To address the issues faced by Netcon, Yavar deployed ChiefNet, a modern cloud-native SD-WAN designed specially for enterprises and their needs.

ChiefNet ensures uninterrupted internet. It connects with two different ISPs for an enterprise's internet needs. If one fails, the other can ensures that the enterprise has access to the internet in all conditions.

Because ChiefNet is a software-defined network, it is highly scalable. It enabled Zero Touch Provisioning, ZTP, for new devices on Netcon’s network. It means new devices can be connected and configured to the network hassle-free. And thanks to cloud-based architecture, it can be done remotely, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Also, ChiefNet is hardware-independent.

To secure the network, ChiefNet shows the status of the entire network at a glance. Any breaches, malicious activities, bugs, or other issues on the network show up immediately. It urgently intimates concerned people via mail so they can act on it accordingly. That, coupled with a VPN, makes the network incredibly secure.

To make the connection more reliable and consistent, ChiefNet can allocate bandwidth for certain applications. Because it is a software-defined network, it can manage the bandwidth and traffic in real-time for optimum speed, so the work never suffers.


Netcon has been using ChiefNet for around X years, and they are happy that it has revolutionized their enterprise network. The obvious cries of their employees for crappy and buggy internet connections in the past are non-existent now. We are proud that ChiefNet made a difference in their enterprise.

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Netcon Upgraded to the Next-Gen Enterprise Networks With Yavar

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