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Industrial IoT Systems

Assisting Tamil Nadu’s Industrial Agency to Improve Their Water Supply System

Project Brief

Fostering development and growth in Tamil Nadu, this government agency manages the industrial parks present in the state. They promote new companies by incentivizing their presence in the state while providing the required resources to them, land, water, and electricity. Upkeeping 26 complexes spread across 6 economic zones in 15 districts is a serious task.

What Were the Challenges for This Agency?

The agency supplies water to 26 industrial complexes dotted across more than 35,000 acres of land. The first challenge is keeping their water tanks brimmed for the huge water demand of the industries. It involved physically monitoring the water level in the tanks and filling them up whenever needed. It also included preventing overflows and water wastage.

It is essential to monitor the consumption of each industry and maintain their records. For such a widespread industrial region, it was a big challenge that required large amounts of resources as there were no ways to do it remotely. Not only that, there was no way to check the usage for particular time intervals.

Monthly usage and past consumption records are vital for the agency. They dictate the billing of the industries every month. The traditional system lacked transparency. There was no way to prevent water theft.

Resolving the Challenges

As Yavar earned the project via the government tender system, we already started with an upscaled and modernized system of water meters and tanks with IoT. We developed an enterprise web application to fetch the data from all the sensors installed in the system.

The system constantly monitors and logs the water levels of all the tanks in different parks. The app checks the data and gives SMS and email alerts to the officer in charge when a tank is about to get empty or overflow. The app also has the flexibility to set the threshold of the water present in the tanks before the authorities receive the alerts.

To remotely monitor the water consumption of various industries and maintain their records, the app uses data from GPS-equipped sensors. The system has all the industries linked with their sensors and location. Their real-time consumption and monthly records help the authorities track water usage and bill them monthly. The industries can also log in to the app to see their records. It brings transparency and prevents water theft.

The web application takes care of every aspect and feature that the officials may want to use. The functionalities of the app depend on the user hierarchy. Only authorized personnel can have all the power in the application. We also hired third parties to conduct vulnerability testing on it. That made sure no one could break into it. Hence, the system is fully secure.

Conclusion & Future Plans

With the app fully functional and integrated with the IoT sensor system of the water supply network, the agency can seamlessly monitor and keep up with the water demands of the industries. It gives facilities an uninterrupted water supply with transparent billing. In the future, we aim to provide information on leaks in the water tanks to prevent water wastage.

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