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Customer Support & CRM

Two of the Largest Airports in India Implement Technological Solutions to Better Support Their Travelers

Project Brief

Ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list of busiest airports in India, these two airports handle more than 35 million passengers annually. They are marvels in themselves when it comes to operations and management.

As the traditional systems of providing customer support could not keep up with the increased traffic and demands of travelers, they turned to Yavar to deploy new-age technological solutions for the best possible support and experience for travelers.

The Challenges

When 15-20 million travelers go through the gates and systems of an airport, handling their queries and answering their questions 24/7 while maintaining a high CSAT score is a monumental task. You cannot just add more resources to meet the demands. The sheer scale of the project is a challenge.

Security is another challenge. We cannot compromise the privacy of the passengers and the safety of the airport information infrastructure. The solution should be able to handle false calls, threat calls, and emergency scenarios.

They also needed a dynamic, intelligent, and scalable system that could track and record the metrics - number of queries, agent performance, types of questions, etc.

How Yavar’s Solution Overcame the Challenges

To meet the demand to serve and support millions of travelers, Yavar deployed its tailor-made IVRS(Interactive Voice Response System) with its CRM(Customer Relations Management) software for these airports.

Our team integrated this system with the Airport Operational Database so that it can fetch all the information about flight schedules in real-time.

Better Customer Experience

For all the commonly asked questions like flight status, time, gate number, and so on, the IVR system can directly answer them without human intervention. If required, travelers can request to talk to the agents. This solution frees the customer support agents to focus on more demanding queries, thus optimizing the resources for the best service and support for travelers.

The system has reduced the need for agents to intervene by 80%, which is huge. And we integrated our service with difference platforms, resulting in an omnichannel communication. Customers can reach out on whatever platform they prefer - SMS, phone call, WhatsApp, or email.

Security and Privacy

The solution adheres to the security standards stated by the Airports Authority of India. The network is not exposed to the public network to maintain privacy and security. It ensures the protection of the infrastructure information from breaches.

A Dynamic, Scalable, and Intelligent System

With support for multiple languages, quick responses, and the ability to handle hundreds of queries simultaneously, our solution gives these airports a competitive edge over the rest. The system also creates reports about the metrics and the analytics, like the number of answered calls, FAQs, duration of calls, and so on, to discover trends and gain valuable insights. It brings transparency at every level and helps focus on the areas that need improvement.


Considering all the challenges and requirements for these airports, Yavar delivered a solution that meets the current demands while keeping the future in mind. It will continue to deliver top-notch customer support while maximizing the capabilities of its resources.

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